Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aussie Curves - Stripes Week

For a long time I've been hiding from myself. I prefer to be the person taking photos, rather than being in photos.

I've been overweight for several years now and it has prevented me from enjoying fashion. I wouldn't invest much money into my wardrobe because I always told myself that when I lose weight I would splurge. About 2 months ago I gave my self permission to enjoy fashion and to allow myself to make investment purchases now. I think a lot of us Mum all ac the same regardless of our size, we tend to buy things for us only when they are on sale. I gave myself permission to buy anything I liked - even if it wasn't on sale! I also started paying attention to accessories. I've never been a fan of costume jewelry... well until now!

What I have discovered over the last 2 months is that I can transform a basic stay at home out fit into something classy looking in minutes. I love to wear wide leg, black yoga pants, they are comfy and more flattering than tracksuit pants. I wear them around home with a plain t-shirt and if I suddenly decide I need to go down the street I put on a nice fitted jacket/blazer a scarf and some costume jewelry, I swap my runners for cute ballet flats and suddenly my daggy housewife outfit looks nice!
I recently discovered a group of bloggers here in Australia that do a fashion blog each week to a set theme. Aussie Curves (founded by is a place to share outfits worn by everyday Australian and New Zealand women sized 14+.

This week's theme is Stripes!
This week I am wearing:
Denim Jacket - Autograph Fashion (from about 2009)
Chevron print Maxi Dress - Autograph Fashion (Current Range)
Boots - Autograph Fashion (Winter 2012)
Belt - Autograph Fashion (Current range)
Necklace - Ice

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