Thursday, July 15, 2010


It’s time for a confession!

I fell off the wagon again... big time.

Things slowly snowballed out of control and before I knew it I wasn’t even thinking about my diet. A combination of things pushed me off... My period arrived and I soon got a cold. I was unwell with the cold for about a week. We had a lunch at my In Law’s house and #1 and #2 spent 4 nights there as it was the school holidays. This gave Man and I a lot of time to spend together as I was putting the 2 babies to bed earlier than usual and feeding them their own dinner... meaning Man and I were ordering in Take Away and cuddling on the couch watching movies. It’s pretty amazing at the number of times that food is the focus in our lives. I find it hard to imagine a romantic night in without such yummy food! Sure I could have made healthy dinners, but It was nice to have a break.

I soon found myself not thinking about my diet. I had been giving in to Fat Girl’s every whim and soon she had me totally distracted. I spent about 1 week totally focussed on 2 new prams that I want to buy. I became obsessed with the prams, researching them on the internet, phoning stores for delivery and pricing and even having a good play with them at Baby Bunting. In fact I actually bought a pram! Not one of the two that I was obsessing about but a different one! After several days I realised that Fat Girl had me totally distracted by prams! She had made me forget about my diet totally!
Obession: Baby Jogger City Select

Obsession: Bugaboo Cameleon in denim

Purchase: Emmaljunga Twin Cerox

I avoided weighing in. I missed 2 weigh in days and finally today I was weighed. I am 140.0kgs, so in total I have gained 700 grams. It’s not too bad considering that this week I ate so much junk, McDonalds, Hungary Jacks, KFC and Chinese take out! Should I mention the Tim Tams? Oh, and should I mention the 1.5 ltr of Coke that I drank on Monday night to keep me awake while studying? Real Coke, not Coke Zero!

All of this food hasn’t made me feel good or happy. In fact I feel ill! My joints hurt, I have had issues with joint pain over the years and didn’t realise it had gone away until it came back this week. In the mornings my body is so stiff and sore I feel like I have gained all of my 10kgs back! My ankles, knees, hips and shoulders are sore by the end of the day. I have big crack on each of my heels because my feet are so dry and I have THRUSH for the first time in years! I’ve had headaches, and sleeping issues all week and last night I noticed my ankles were swollen from oedema. All of these horrible little medical issues, that I’ve lived with for years were all gone, only I didn’t notice they were gone until they all came back this week. I feel nauseous and out of energy. Quite frankly I feel disgusting!

This last 2 weeks have been a real eye opener. I realised just how easily I get distracted. It took me 4 or 5 days of pram obsessing to realise that the obsessing was created by Fat Girl in an effort to distract me. I have realised just how horrible bad food makes me feel.

It really is true that you are what you eat!

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  1. Good to see you back on the wagon and posting ... you will end up getting the better of "Fat Girl" and "Skinny Girl" will emerge in Victory .. Have been thinking of you Take Care


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