Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The dreaded week 6!

When I first started this journey I realised that week 6 is my danger period and in the past its always been the week when I give up. It just occurred to me that I should look at my calendar and guess what – Last Wednesday was the beginning of my 6th week! It seems that as I predicted, I did in fact fall off the wagon during week 6. I knew it would happen and I was prepared for it to happen, but when it started to happen I didn’t realise!

Today I had bread again and even had a small pop corn while at the movies with the boys. Tomorrrow is my 7th weigh in all of the sudden I feel like I can keep going. Its like I have an explanation for my bad week (other than tiredness and my period!). Suddenly I feel I can fight through this and that tomorrow I am going to get back into the swing of things. I did manage to go to the gym this morning and burn 477 calories, but it was a struggle. I am wondering if my iron levels are dropping again as I have been forgetting to take my iron supps.

So that’s it then! Tomorrow I will start a fresh! I am not even going to bother filling in my CK food diary (so don’t bother looking). I have never re-started a diet before so tomorrow I will be doing something different. I’m not going to feel depressed about my ‘failed week’, tonight I feel proud that I pushed through week 6 and I am looking forward to the morning.

They say that if you keep making the same decisions in life and behaving the same that nothing will change. Tomorrow I will finally make a different choice and this is almost like a turning point. The difference between me never losing weight compared to me staying on this journey in the long term and finally reaching a healthier weight.

I guess the question is – will the ugly week 6 happen again?

Tomorrow = Week 1, Phase 1, Day 1

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