Friday, June 4, 2010

Personal Best

It been a quiet couple of days.
Yesterday I managed to break my personal best step count and do over 13,000 steps. I am pretty happy with myself!

And as a contrast, today's step count is only at 3183! I always struggle to get my step count high on Thursdays as its playgroup day and I don't walk around that much at playgroup. When we get home the boys will sleep and I spend the time relaxing.

My weigh in was also yesterday. I have lost 1.2kgs this week – which is amazing considering I consumed 4000 calories on Saturday night! I am still surprised at how much the Tony Ferguson plan is working for me. I still don't feel that hungry feeling. I do of course feel the urge to eat.

Today I just had it in my mind that I wanted to treat myself, and my treat myself I mean treat myself to a nice meal. I was craving carbs and sugar and came very close to listening to Fat Girl when she said “stuff it today – just have some bread”

I did listen to Fat Girl at one point and ate a small Teddy Shaped cake. I wonder if it was eating this cake that started to snowball of urges.

I walked to Coles and walked around the aisles for a while trying to work out what to eat for dinner tonight. Man was out working and not coming home until after footy training and I only had #2, 3 and 4 with me as #1 is on school camp. I bought the boys some chicken nuggets and chips (a treat for them) and I found some organic gourmet food in the refrigerated section near the Latina Pasta. I bought myself a Thai Chicken curry. I did take my time to study the labels and make a conscious decision to choose the best item in terms of carbs, fat and calories. I then bought myself a Coke Zero and an Atkins low carb chocolate bar as well as a HPLC caramel bar.

I got the 3 boys to bed early and sat down to my treat dinner. I had my Thai curry and coke and watched TV. It was nice almost restaurant quality food. I feel as though I had take away. I followed this with the chocolate bar. I then spent some time listing things on ebay and eventually ate the HPLC bar. I feel like I have eaten really bad things tonight and feel satisfied, yet when I look at my stats in my food diary (see the link under my profile) I came in at my goal daily calorie allowance and within my fat and carb allowance.

Its now close the midnight and my urge to eat rubbish is gone. I do have that yucky feeling I seem to taste/feel from the diet coke and tomorrow I am going to have to be very careful that I don't continue to crave the foods.

For a while now I have been thinking about joining the Curves gym and doing it when I get down to about 135kgs. I went in there today and I think I want to join now! I am going to make a phone call tomorrow and organise for a free session.

Dr. Phil was interesting over the last 2 days. It was the 'great fat debate'. Thin people complaining about fat people using up tax payer money for health problems and taking up too much room in aeroplanes etc. The fat people were very pro-fat and one woman went as far as to suggest that the hatred she felt was similar to that of the KKK! I would like to say that I am on the skinny side of things. I do believe that if someone can't fit in a aeroplanes seat then they should buy 2 seats. All I kept thinking when I was watching the show was about how much in denial the fat women were. It seems that the Fat Girl inside this women has completely eradicated Skinny Girl!

Oh and I should mention I finally got the results of my final assignment back! I got 23/30. I was actually disappointed! In total I got 84/100 for the whole unit, which is a HD! So I am pretty proud!

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