Monday, June 21, 2010

The Official Zone

I let a teenage boy with a patchy goatie make me cry on Sunday. Several weeks ago I realised that a danger time for me to eat bad food was at the Boy’s footy games. Often I am tempted with Hot Chocolate, Dim Sims or Hotdogs, partly as a poor attempt to get warm and mainly just because they are so tasty. Three weeks ago I realised the best solution is if I do laps of the oval for the whole entire game. It warms me up, stops me from eating and keeps #4 happy in his pram because we are moving.

It was a home game on Sunday and I had both #3 and #4 in the big double pram. I walked for the whole 1st quarter and stopped to listen to the coach at quarter time (as all the parents do). It was a good work out and I found just walking on the thick, long grass pushing both boys in the pram really got my heart rate up and gave me leg burn. The second quarter started and off I went. I was just about to finish my 1st lap when I was approached by a teen dressed in the footy team's tracksuit.

He told me that I can’t walk there and that I have to get off the oval. Of course I was surprised so I asked him why. He went on to explain that it’s the rules and only officials are allowed in that section (between the fence and the white line). I responded by saying that there was nowhere else to walk close to the ground because of the mud, but he had walked off by that stage, leaving be standing there with tears welling in my eyes.

I was hurt and mad, especially when I looked around and saw many other parents within the ‘official zone’. I wondered who was the gutless club official, who told the teen (who couldn’t even grow decent facial by the way!) that he had to approach me. I mean here I am, an obviously FAT mum having a crack and actually out walking! How dare they tell me I can’t walk!

It was now raining and the rain drops were hiding my tears, it was at that moment that I had a bit of a laugh to myself. ME, CRYING over not being allowed to go for a walk! HA! I guess I have changed somewhat over the last 6 weeks. I called Man (who was at #1’s game at another oval) and complained to him, but he did point out that yes, the club was following a fairly standard rule. I however wondered if they picked on me as opposed to the other parents in the ‘official zone’ because they thought my Mountain Buggy was going to ruin their surface. No people, the mountain buggy may look like a tank, but she is one smooth ride and lighter than she looks.

For those that don’t know what a Mountain Buggy is (Is there such a person?), I will explain. A Mountain Buggy is a brand of pram. The single versions are 3 wheeler and the double versions, like mine is a 4 wheeler. My MBUD (Mountain Buggy Urban Double - is my beloved walking pram and has been in my care for over 12 months. We have done many kms together. I use it daily (well almost) to go to the local shops to get something for dinner etc, I use it to go to the local library for story time, Man and I use it when we go to places like the Zoo or the Royal Show.

Today I used my MBUD to go on a very long walk with a friend from playgroup. I think we did almost 4.5 kms in 65 minutes. The walk was burning from the moment I started because I had already been to the gym this morning. This means that in total today I have exercised for 95 minutes! My workout at Curves was great. I burnt 436 calories this morning at curves and approx 328 calories while walking. I have noticed that finally my sleep patterns are changing. I am starting to find it easy to get out of bed at 6 :00 am. I am also finding it easier to get to sleep at night. Last night I was asleep before 11:00 pm. It would seem that I have the body clock of a normal person!

Today is day 1 of Phase 1. So far all is going well. I am expecting to see a loss on the scales on Wendesday

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