Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nap Sync

I had a great start to my day today. I woke up feeling more motivated than ever before and just wanted to go for a morning walk. In the past a morning walk was hard to organise because #4 was still having 2 naps a day, but I have finally resigned to the fact that he is now a 1 nap a day baby. This does make my life slightly easier because now both #3 and #4 are sleeping at the same time. It has also opened up an opportunity for morning walks after I have done my chores for the morning.

So I raced around and got the big kids to school , cleaned the breakfast mess, put a batch of yoghurt on and put a load of washing on. I was all done by about 9:30 and was able to head out for a walk. I decided to push myself and walk faster than usual. The whole time I was imagining just how high my step count on the pedometer would be and how many minutes of aerobic activity it would pick up. I was about 2/3rds of the way through my walk when I couldn’t take the suspense any more and I had to have a look at my step count.

You can imagine my disappointment when I realised it had fallen upside down so it had only recorded 723 steps... it was set at about 600 when I left. I stupid thing didn’t count my steps because it was upside down!!!! I fixed it and walked home feeling a bit annoyed that it didn’t count my steps, but also felt great I had such a long walk. The pedometer recorded 17 minutes and 1906 steps of aerobic walking when it really should have recorded close to 50 minutes.

I use my phone like an iPod. I have a HTC HD2 and I love it! I walked to P!nk and the Black Eyed Peas today and I have decided that tomorrow after my weigh in I will allow myself to buy and download some more music to listen to on my walks.

I had an okay day with food. My craving are almost non-existent and Fat Girl seems to have kept her mouth closed lately. She did manage to sneak a sausage into my mouth today but it seems that I have to calories to afford it.

My weigh in is tomorrow. I am a bit nervous but also excited as usual. I have weighed myself at least 1000 times again today and saw numbers ranging from 142.7 to 144.3, so at this point it is hard to know how much (if any) I have lost this week.

Since the boys have ‘nap sync’ at the moment I was able to watch both Dr. Phil and Oprah today. Both were very interesting and I felt somewhat relevant to me. Dr. Phil was talking about the connection between brain and memory etc and diet along with the whole concept of use it or lose it. The point was made that you need to use your brain to feel happy and motivated. I have been feeling a lot more alive lately and I am wondering where did I get the courage to start this journey. I suspect it has something to do with buying my Camera last year and learning about photography then actually going back to study this year. I think I am at the mental place I am now due to studies.... ha! Now I don’t mean mental as in crazy!

Dr. Phil also featured a woman who gets depressed in winter. Some suggestions were make that she needs to remove clutter, put some happy moment photographs around the house and maybe start her day sitting in the kitchen window. I wonder if maybe I should start my day in our lounge room window with its sheer curtain. He also discussed that exercise makes people feel happy. It seems to be that I may have started a self propelling happy cycle. Study makes me happy and motivated to do things like exercise and exercise clears the mind and makes me happy and more alert to study. WIN WIN WIN.

Oprah was re-visiting past quests today. One quest had been on the show 8 years ago after losing more than half her body weight. She maintained this for several years and then one day she gave up and started gaining weight again. She said that she became addicted to the attention she received while losing weight. This was rather a fascinating thing to consider, after all I have recently gone ‘public’ with my journey and I am getting a lot more attention lately. I am enjoying it but now I realise that using my friends, family and even strangers as motivators may get me to my goal but it isn’t going to keep me there. This is all so new to me still and I guess the question I need to ask myself is how am I going to do this for the rest of my life? It is such a confronting question and it’s a thought that is almost strong enough to make me want to run away and hide.

The thing is I can’t continue to hide from these hard questions any more. I can’t hide from my problems. I have to confront them.

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