Monday, May 31, 2010

Let the light shine in!

It’s been a very uneventful day today. I have coped fairly well and managed to go for a good walk – so right now my pedometer is sitting at 11, 181! Its the 1st time i’ve gone over 10,000 steps in about a week.

Man finally got around to hanging up some sheer curtains on our front window. For a long time venetian blinds but about 2 years ago we got roller-shutters installed on all of our windows. We realised that the venetian blinds were not really needed any more so we took them down (plus they were starting to look very ugly. Without the blinds we had no privacy so we couldn’t open the roller-shutters up all the way. I feel like I have been living in darkness for too long! It was so nice to be able to open the roller shutter all the way and have the nice winter sun come streaming through the front window. I am sure the darkness was sending me mad.... oh and I also found a nice new spot to put the clothes horse so the nappies can sun and dry in winter.

I am freaking out about my weigh in on Wednesday. I have probably weighed myself several times already today. This morning I was at 132.8 and now I see 144.7 (which is last week’s weight). I am starting to think that I will be lucky if I lose .5 of a kg.

I had yoghurt again today! I don’t know why I did it, silly thing is I didn’t even try to talk myself out of it. I have 3 more shop bought diet yoghurts in the fridge. Maybe I just need to feel them to the kids tonight instead of the home made yoghurt – so that by tomorrow they are gone. I also haven’t had enough protein today, which explains what I am so ‘starving ‘ right now. Dinner is cooking and should be ready very soon. I am making roast chicken and I have decided to only have chicken with nothing else because of the high percentage of Carbs I have already had today.

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