Saturday, May 15, 2010

Into the Swing of Things

Well last night didn't really go as planned. I had an argument with Man and I was very emotional. The result was me getting into the car to go for a drive. I ended up at the drive through of KFC with a Works Burger, crispy strips, chips and a pepsi max. I've got to admit the buger and strips were great! But when it came time to eat the chips I suddenly felt that I didn't need them. I also took a few sips of the drink and decided that although it was no sugar that I really didn't want the caffine. I ended up throwing out the drink and chips. A rather proud moment for me...

Interestingly the affect of my choice wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Sure its not an ideal way to start a diet but the simple fact that I didn't eat the chips really means a lot to me.

Today I have felt really good. I should mention that I am on the Tony Furguson Plan. Since my BMI is over 50 I get extra protein. I noticed this afternoon that my tummy was small and less preggo looking. Obviously I am less bloated. Surprisingly I didn't feel the need to eat today - I felt satisfied.

I did catch up with a friend for coffee and resisted her beautiful home cooked cake but allowed myself to have a coffee with 2 sugars.

Maybe I should tell you a little about me and my world.

Im a mum. I have 4 boys, 1 man and 1 cat. I am a stay at home mum and I study on-line. I am a hobbyist photographer and I am planning on taking some self portraits soon. I don't really want to see myself in a photo but I believe it is needed for me to actually acknowledge what I look like. My photography is affected by my weight. I find it hard to bend down and generally getting into unsusual postions as a photographer does is hard work. I often have clients and do photoshoots of children and I find that I am just not fit enought to be chasing a 2 year old around to take their photos.

Man and I have been together for almost 14 years, which is a long time for someone who is only 33 years old! I was a size 10 when I met Man and I guess just the comfort of our relationship and having babies has taken its toll. Man introduced me to softdrink as when we met he was already addicted to Coke. It didn't take long for me to become addicted to Coke too. Last year we switched from normal Coke to Coke Zero and this year we both gave up Coke totally.

I think the reason I feel so good today is because I have already given up Coke. I think if I was going throug caffine withdrawals as well as starting a diet - things would be much harder.

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