Friday, May 21, 2010

Im not Ms. Grumpy

I've noticed that I am waking up in better moods lately. I've never been a morning person but lately I am at least waking up happish!

I've had a great day today food wise. My motivation is because I am going out for dinner tomorrow night with friends and I am going to allow myself to eat anything on the menu (I said anything not everything!)

My step count is only about 7500, so I didn't quite make the 10,000 steps but I guess 7,500 is still pretty good. I took the boys for a walk to the playground. I walked faster than ususal and while they were playing on the equipment I walked laps of the area so I could still exercise. Ususally I would just sit on a park bench and watch. I did take 5 minutes to take a photograph of a tree! It is for a weekly competition I enter.

I am so happy and so motivated but there is a voice in my head telling me that I will eventually fall off the wagon (like the times before). I am scared of this. I really don't want it to happen and every day I am trying to think of ways to keep me motivated. I've decided to join my local Curves Gym but I want to wait for a while. Maybe its the thing to start to re-motivate myself.

My feet hurt - especially under my heal. I feel like I need a foot massage!

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