Thursday, May 20, 2010

2kgs Gone!

Today was the big 1st weigh in. Most people lose a fair bit in the 1st week or 'pull big numbers' as they say in Biggest Loser but for me I only lost 2kgs. I guess its not too bad considering I had KFC and a souvlaki this week!

So far this week I have managed to fight back all temtation and ingore that voice in my head - until today - I ate 6 Monte Carlo Biscuts. I tried stopping at 3 and that didn't work but I did stop at 6. The old me wouldn't have stopped I guess.

I've made my weight loss a public status on Face book. I am hoping that somehow my friends and family can keep me motivated.

I am addicted to counting steps! Today I did 12057 steps - and I still have to walk to my bed. The Pedometer is also saying that I walked at an aerobic pace for 19 minutes and that I burnt 548 cals.

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