Friday, May 28, 2010

Yoghurt Issues!

I've been thinking for the last couple of days that something isn't right. I've had problems with resisting the urge to eat today and last night. Last night I had a couple tubs of no fat yoghurt and today I ate some left over baked potato.

Anyway I finally just realised what the problem is. It is the introduction of the No Fat yoghurt. I just had a quick read of the Tony Ferguson guide and dairy products are on the 'foods to avoid' list. I thought I was doing the right thing by buying these No Fat yoghurt and Diet desserts but it seems that even these things can send me into a carb frenzy.

I have always been suspect of the artificial sweeteners. The other day when I had that Coke Zero and some diet yoghurt I really felt ill. I suspect that my body reacts the same way to the sweet taste, with or without the sugar. I've had my last yoghurt today and hopefully things will return to normal again soon. Actually, let me re-phrase that – things will return to the new me soon!

I am thinking that the key to good health is real, natural food. I just seems wrong to eat something that has 0 on all the boxes. It has no value so why should I eat it? This is the mind set I need. I was only eating the yoghurt because it tasted nice. It has no real nutritional value to me, except for maybe some calcium and I do have to wonder how much of these type products are toxins.

From now on – if I work hard and continue to lose weight I will allow myself the occasional treat. I do not need a daily 'chemical sweet treat'.

Yoghurt is such an interesting thing. I've always been irritated at how expensive it is and with 4 you children you can only imagine how much I spend on yoghurt for the boys and Man. This week I purchased a Yoghurt Maker from Aldi. I am sick of paying $6.00 for Dora Yoghurt – filling my kids with sugar! I bought some full cream UHT milk and some full cream powdered milk as well as a natural yoghurt with no extras in it – just real yoghurt.

I've made 2 batches now all with no added sugar. I simply used the real yoghurt as a starter and added some milk powder to the UHT milk to make the yoghurt thicker. I then added some vanilla essence. The kids love it. I stewed some apples and I have mixed them through the yoghurt and put a mix of cinnamon, all spice and nutmeg on top. Of course I had to have a taste – and it was just like apple pie (well almost).

I guess this blog doesn't have to be totally about weight related issues does it? My decision to make home made yoghurt was about more than the sugar content. I am sick of the packaging. I am trying to live in a way that creates a lower impact on the world than most other families. I am also trying to save money. It seems that environmentally friendly things are money savers.

Here is a list of my earth achievements:
using earth friendly cleaners around the house. I use both Earth Choice and Method. I find that some of these products are cheaper and some are more expensive – but last much longer. I also use Enjo products.

I use cloth nappies and have done for over 18 months. About half of my cloth nappy stash is actually 2nd hand, which is even more of a money/earth saver.

80% of my children's clothing are 2nd hand. And when we have finished I either sell most of the clothing and give away the rest to charity. In fact I always try to buy things used. If we are planning on buying something we always check e-Bay first.

We are very good at recycling and have a compost bin

We set our ducted heating to more more than 15 degrees and in summer the Air Conditioning never goes below 24 degrees.

We well below the 155 litres per day/per person suggestion with our water usage

I walk to most places and only use my car about 2 times a week. I have a big family car and we only put $20 of petrol in it a week!

I make all of the food for my Boys school lunches. We don't use things like cling wrap at all – in fact there is nothing disposable in their lunch boxes (except for things like banana peels). I refuse to buy things that are over packaged (for example Rolled Oats in single serves)

We still have a long way to go. There are a number of projects I have in mind
I want to get a bread maker. It will save us money and it will reduce our house hold waste.

We are yet to establish a veggie patch! We have a space for one but haven't done anything yet.

I want to get about 2-3 chickens so we can get our own eggs.

I took some photos of the yoghurt I made today. I think I will start adding more photos to the blog as I go.

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