Sunday, May 16, 2010

And here comes the band...

.... or should I say headache?

I knew one would pop up eventually, in fact I am quite surprised it hasnt' paied a visit earlier. Its not too bad though... and I am going to bed very soon. I am exhaused. Don't get me wrong- this exhaustion is a good thing. I have been having sleeping issues for the last 6 months or so and finding my self still awake at 2am in the morning. I feel so tired right now that I am looking forward to getting into my bed!

I thought today I would review the past attemtps I have made to lose weight.

My first attempt was way back in 1998 - when I was a slim 80kgs. I joined Lite N Easy. It worked well for probably six weeks and then for some reason I stopped. To be honest I have no idea why I stopped. I have a food diary I was keeping that is hand written. It was actuall Oprah's and her taininers diary and came as a set with a book. I almost cry when I read the diary. I was ONLY 80kgs and the way I was talking was as thought it was the end of the world. I wanted to lose 20kgs and that just seemed impossible.

I think not long after this I started low carbing, but that was back in the early days of low carbing and you can imagine the comments I would get from people - any wonder I gave up!

Then in about 2002 after having 2 babies I started Slim Fast. Again it worked well and I got down to about 92kgs. I had been 106kgs and even 124 kgs on the last day of my 1st pregnancy. So as you can imagine I was thrilled about being 92 kgs, but kicking myself for gaining weight after 80kgs.

A couple of years go by and its now 2005 and I am back in the work force. I joined Sure Slim. It worked great and for about 8 weeks I was even going to the gym every morning before work. I started at 134kgs and got down to 124 kgs. The company I was working for closed down and I was made redundant. I no longer worked in the city so I had to give up my fab city gym and of course again I fell off the wagon.

I haven't tried any thing since. In 2006 we started TTC baby #3 and it was taking its time. I was finally diagnosed with PCOS and insulan resistance.

I seemed to maintain the weight I lost and hovered around 124 kgs for a long time. I hade Baby #3 in 2007 and Baby#4 in 2009 and I was still under 134 kgs.

Baby #4 is now 14 months old and suddenly nothing fits. I knew that for the 1st time in a few years that I had gained weight. I had now idea that I was now 150.3kgs. I seem to have gained 24 kgs in the last 12 months.

I am now doing the Tony Ferguson Diet. I wanted something that is easy and I am basically told what to do. I wanted something that was low GI and high in protein. I know many people are against shake diets but I think it will work for me. I am pretty sure its the right balance for me because I am feeling pretty good (except for the headache).

Based on the past it seems that week 6 really is my danger week. I guess now my goal is to make it to 6 weeks and beyond and I need to think of some strategies that will get me though week 6. In the past it seems I just give up. Maybe I can give myself a week off in week 6 as long as I start again? I wonder why all of those other times I just didn't re start?

Anyway its now 9:30 and I really want to go to bed....

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