Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's Going on in my world...

One thing that's remained constant in my life is my body image.  I am sure I have written about this in the past...

I've always hated the way I look in photographs and I have never really taken care of myself (e.g., skin care, worrying about my hairstyle, shaving my legs, etc).

11 days ago I started my "fashion diet".  I started to get dressed up every day and take a photo of myself.  I am following a skin care routine and even started shaving my legs!

I the last week or so I have found that getting dressed up has changed the way I think.  Fat Girl has always told me that there is no point in losing weight because I was too fat anyway (She even told me this when I was 70kgs).  I have noticed that when I make an effort to get dressed up Fat Girl doesn't have much to say, and Skinny Girl's voice is much louder.  This week Skinny Girl said "Girl, you're looking mighty good!", "Hun, don't eat that otherwise your fantastic clothes won't fit you" and my favourite "Girl, if  you just lost a few more kg, you're going to have to go shopping for new clothes!".  

Hmmm... now that sounds like a great idea!

Here are the photos from my 1st week of my "Fashion Diet"

Day 1 - Okay for hanging around at home.
Day 2 - I love this outfit.

Day 3 - I think this makes me look older

Day 4 - I love this outfit!

Day 5 - Don't think I'll wear this combo again

Day 6 - Hubby isn't keen on this look but I seriously love it.

Day 7 - Just hanging around at home.

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