Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aussie Curves - Knits

This week the Aussie Curves Photo Challenge theme is Knits!

I have only recently discovered knits and it has opened a whole world of fashion possibilities for me!  In the past I wouldn't even consider a sleeveless top but now I will wear on, provided I have a fantastic cardigan to cover up with.  I actually had trouble decided which of my knits to wear for the photo challenge and in the end I decided to wear an 'evening' outfit.  It's something that I would wear on a girls night out.



  1. Firstly let me say i love your blog layout. secondly how did you do your main photo?
    finally and i guess more on topic i love your knit cardie; so sparkly and pretty!! and that necklace is gorgeous too.
    great look.

    1. Thanks :) I made a template in Photoshop, I think I'm going to use it ever week! I love the cardi too but I can tell you I wasn't feeling sparkly then! I was just recovering from a migrane and probably should have waited another day LOL xx

  2. I agree, it's pretty darn gorgeous around here. As, are you! Great outfit. Love that cardie.

  3. Thank you , I'm newish to blogging but I think i've worked it out :)

  4. What a nice cardigan. You look great!


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