Friday, October 12, 2012

The Week That Was - Week 2

Day 1 - I'm not sure that I like this combination, I think it's an older look. 
Next time I think I will try a denim jacket with it.

Day 2 - Clearly I didn't leave the house!  No Shoes!  I love those black pants.  They are black yoga pants. 
 I remember watching Oprah a few years ago and she was talking about how fantastic yoga pants are because they are comfortable like tracksuit pants but not so daggy looking. 
I only bought these a few months ago and wish I got them years ago! 
The red top is an old favourite of mine but it's too piled to wear out in public.

Day 3 - Another day at home but had to duck into the shops to get milk so chucked on a scarf and jacket. 
The pants aren't yoga pants, I think they a like gypsy pants? 
Just as comfy but not as flattering. 
 The grey t-shirt is an at home basic.

Day 4 - I really like this look.  Very comfy to wear.

Day 5 - Another day at home with the exception of a Coles run. 
 I love this outfit and it was used for my Aussie Curves challenge "blue".

Day 6 - I love this outfit!  The jeans are from City Chic's TDF range.

Day 7 - Another boring day at home in my trusty grey top and yoga pants. 
I threw on the red cardigan for a trip to Childcare.


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